Drug Possession Defense

The “war on drugs” has been waging in this nation for decades. Regardless of the fact thatthere have been little if any positive results, the Government dedicates substantial resources toward waging this war and aggressively pursuing arrests for drug related offenses. Frequently, well meaning officers attempting to carry out their duties become overzealous and may violate the rights of a citizen in order to make a drug arrest. Other times, less honorable officers might violate the constitution in order to seize assets for their department, task force, or county. Too often, this “war on drugs” becomes a war on people, families, and communities. If you have been accused of drug possession, including methamphetamine, heroin, or cocaine, you may find yourself up against the incredible power of the Government’s drug war. James will stand with you, and fight to protect you and your freedom. James may be able to work with the prosecutors to help you avoid a criminal conviction. If needed, he can also see your case through to a jury trial.

If you are battling addiction and want help, James will guide you toward resources and programs that can assist you. Let James fight your legal battle so you can focus on your recovery.