Domestic Assault Defense

An argument starts, tempers flare, voices get raised, someone calls the police. Police officers show up and suspect they may be dealing with a possible domestic assault. Many times in this type of situation, an officer will make an arrest to avoid the risk of possible violence occurring after he leaves – even if he is not really sure an assault was actually committed in the first place – with an eye toward letting the courts sort it out. Domestic assault, also referred to as “family violence”, has a very broad definition in Texas law. Basically, if you are accused of assaulting anyone you are related to, married to, have ever been married to, dating, have ever dated, have a child with, live with, or have ever lived with, you may be prosecuted under the family violence statutes. A domestic assault conviction carries with it more severe consequences than a typical assault, so it is all the more important to contact a criminal defense lawyer immediately. If you are accused of domestic assault, the prosecutors for the State will not talk to you. They will only talk to the police and your accuser. You need someone on your side telling your story. While at the Tarrant County District Attorney’s office, James spent time in the Family Violence Unit gaining just the kind of experience you need if you are accused of or suspected of domestic assault.